A Little Story of Armoured Vehicles


Ever since people realized they need more protection when traveling with vehicle, the idea of armoured vehicle started and it has been developing until today. Armoured vehicle is a vehicle with extra protection with anti-ballistic armor preventing bullet or shrapnel to penetrate inside the vehicle protecting the ones inside. It was started from military vehicle with armoured personnel carrier to protect troops while transporting them in combat area. Today, armoured vehicle is also used for civilian purposes by those who requires extra safety protection.

The first armored vehicles were introduced before the Boer War in Southern Africa circa 1903. Since then the technology is developed, not only for the armour protection but also the vehicles. Unlike armoured military vehicles, armoured vehicles for civilian purpose are made for day to day activities. It must be legal for road used. Most armoured cars are upgraded protection version of civilian vehicles models. First generation of this vehicles were upgraded car exterior with bulletproof armoured layer. As the technology is more developed, new protection is added. First it was steel armour then today there are composite materials used including Kevlar or other materials with better protection at even less weight. Other protections are including bulletproof glass, Kevlar tires, and many more.

Armoured cars are mainly used to protect very very important persons. The vehicles of head of states are good examples of modern advanced armoured cars. Mostly luxury car models with upgraded protections using the most advanced technology. But the best armoured car today is undeniably the vehicle for the president of the USA (POTUS). Unlike the vehicles of other heads of state, it is custom vehicle, designed and built mainly as official car of POTUS. Dubbed as the beast, it has beastly engine, beastly protection, and beastly performance. Unless you are elected as POTUS, you can’t have a car like the beast but there are civilian armoured vehicles made for those who have enough money to spend.

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