Find new ways to ship things

Asking a friend to help you with moving this 30 years old, family inherited wooden wardrobe might not be as reasonable as it seems when you first think about it. Obviously, you trust that person so you can be sure he or she will do everything to prevent destroying valuable part of familial memory. Though, what you really need to put your trust in are the skills of that person.

Different ways to transport things

You need to be aware that transporting bulky items is oftentimes quite complicated and requires months if not years of experience and know-how. Not only there are multiple ways to transport things, like:
*on a trailer
*in a van
*with courier
*transport online marketplace
*with postal services

Stay eco-friendly

The interesting, time-saving and eco-friendly trend in mobility has been present for more than a few years already. A long-distance car sharing initiative called Blablacar was created in 2003. Can you believe that? Many people now cannot imagine their lives without these convenient, cost-effective solutions that impact their everyday life.

Another cool invention of the 2000 decade is AIRBNB founded in 2008. This website enables you to rent your apartment, whenever you’re out of home, have a spare room to share with travellers or just want to make a financial profit out of the studio that is just there not making any money for you.

How to use an online transport marketplace

What about an online transport marketplace? Why do I mention this among sharing economy apps? Looking at how Clicktrans is handling items transport resembles the apps mentioned earlier. It is indeed quite similar two what Blablacar does for drivers and passengers. Matching them.
What’s great about shipping with transport online marketplace is that you don’t need to spend hours on searching the web to find the right transport company. They are all registered on Clicktrans. As a customer, all you need to do is to type the name of your delivery, describe it, choose the pickup&delivery location and post it for free. Then if you are a transport provider, you will be able to search through thousands of listings and match them with the journeys you scheduled already.
In times when road transport accounts for around 20% of air pollution (Eurostat), it’s crucial to be aware of eco-friendly solutions. Transport optimization is possible thanks to online tools like Blablacar or Clicktrans, which help to reduce traffic and use the full capacity of tracks and private cars every day.

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