A Little Story of Armoured Vehicles


Ever since people realized they need more protection when traveling with vehicle, the idea of armoured vehicle started and it has been developing until today. Armoured vehicle is a vehicle with extra protection with anti-ballistic armor preventing bullet or shrapnel to penetrate inside the vehicle protecting the ones inside. It was started from military vehicle with armoured personnel carrier to protect troops while transporting them in combat area. Today, armoured vehicle is also used for civilian purposes by those who requires extra safety protection.

The first armored vehicles were introduced before the Boer War in Southern Africa circa 1903. Since then the technology is developed, not only for the armour protection but also the vehicles. Unlike armoured military vehicles, armoured vehicles for civilian purpose are made for day to day activities. It must be legal for road used. Most armoured cars are upgraded protection version of civilian vehicles models. First generation of this vehicles were upgraded car exterior with bulletproof armoured layer. As the technology is more developed, new protection is added. First it was steel armour then today there are composite materials used including Kevlar or other materials with better protection at even less weight. Other protections are including bulletproof glass, Kevlar tires, and many more.

Armoured cars are mainly used to protect very very important persons. The vehicles of head of states are good examples of modern advanced armoured cars. Mostly luxury car models with upgraded protections using the most advanced technology. But the best armoured car today is undeniably the vehicle for the president of the USA (POTUS). Unlike the vehicles of other heads of state, it is custom vehicle, designed and built mainly as official car of POTUS. Dubbed as the beast, it has beastly engine, beastly protection, and beastly performance. Unless you are elected as POTUS, you can’t have a car like the beast but there are civilian armoured vehicles made for those who have enough money to spend.

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Auto Steam Cleaner

If you are In the clearing industry for long enough, you must have encountered the notion of steam cleaners before. It is hardly surprising, considering their numerous advantages over the traditional ways of cleaning. With Fortador, one of the most innovative steam cleaner producers, you can choose from a wide variety of products, according to the needs of your business and your personal preferences.

No matter if you are planning to start a new business, broaden the range of services on offer, make your performance more efficient and flexible, or just start earning some passive revenue, Fortador has something to offer for you.

Starting a new business with Fortador’s steam cleaner is easier in the way that our devices are not only quite intuitive but also encompass a range of possibilities just in the one machine. You can vacuum, wash and sanitise, without buying additional nozzles or pricey parts. Also, you can get a training that will introduce you to the full potential of your new business partner. It is also worth considering that from the day one you are saving time and money. Some of our multitasking machines allow two people working on it at the same moment, doubling the amount of work you can get done in a given time. Also, you save not only on the usage of detergents (which you do not need) and water (much lower than in traditional water pressure cleaners) but also on the costs of the service. Our machines are foolproof and in an improbable case of any problem, you have a full warranty for the 12 months from the day of purchase, as well as an access to the ongoing technical support, globally.

If you want to keep your business mobile and flexible, you can also consider getting a mobile steam cleaner. It is light, easy to transport and extremely durable. Build a strong net of trusted customers for an exclusive, door-to-door service. Be exceptional with Fortador!

If you are in the point of life when you are looking for a source of passive, stable income, we have an option for you, too! Have a look at Self-Wash at our website and consider installing a small self-service car wash unit wherever you prefer. We can help you with the installation and getting a permission for it. All you will have to do is to think of the way you are going to spend or invest the money that will appear on your account just like that.

All in all, whatever you decide to choose, you can be sure that with our great design and the technology powered by Lamborghini, you will discover new heights and comfort in your business.

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Commercial and residential snow plowing from Pro Plow Inc

Our company is a family-run business providing its snow plowing in Highwood and the rest of Chicagoland since 1977.

The company is experienced enough to provide the most qualified, fast and appropriate service to its customers.

Being a client of our company you can choose between two types of service plans. We offer a season contract and a per plow agreement.

Pro Plow Inc owns more than 50 trucks and all the necessary snow removing equipment to satisfy your snow plowing needs. Our routes are small and we provide fast and high quality service to all our customers.

We are waiting for you to call us at: 847.272.7180 Our snow plowing experts are ready to answer your calls any time you contact us. Try to call us before it starts snowing in your area.

You can rely to our company. Our goal is simple: to meet your snow plowing needs.

Do not wait until your driveways and sidewalks are covered with snow. Call us and order the best affordable snow plowing Highwood.

We are waiting for your calls at: 847.272.7180

Do not hesitate or spend your time for finding the better and cheaper snow plowing service!

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PC Racing Games


Many people enjoy playing racing games. There are so many racing games are available for mobile phones or PC. However, what makes the best PC racing games? Many things contribute to make a racing game becomes the best one. The most obvious one when you ask someone about the criteria of the best racing games is on the graphical. Moreover, people also love the sound design of the games which makes the games more real. Both criterions really help you in choosing the racing games you will play. Those graphic and sound are really catching your attention into the action that you are the player and also the racer. When you sit in the driver’s seat and your eyes look forward on the asphalt and race for 240kph.

Here is Hill Climb Racing 2, one of the racing games you should try. Jump to your vehicle and drive along the hilly tracks. This game is such a cool distance games. When you are driving, you should collect bonuses and coins. Those will help you in buying upgrades as well getting hot vehicles and getting more challenging tracks. What you have to do is to make sure you will not flip your car. Get this game and have so much fun.

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Advantages of Using FRIMO Laminating Technology


Have you ever heard about FRIMO laminating technology? This type of technology is featuring a lot of sophisticated machines and tools to create a lot of great stuff with laminating method. There are many advantages that you can get from using the machines from FRIMO Laminating Technology. Below you can see some of them.


FRIMO has been in the industry of laminating for years. They have gained a lot of great experiences in the industry and they know exactly what to do when they make and test their tools and machineries. That is why when you use this technology, it is no way that you will end up with bad machinery. Everything is really professionals including the work of the machine, of course. On TechNewsArm, you can read more about the advantages of each type of machine such as the vacuum laminating machine and press laminating machine.

Space Friendly

The machines produced by FRIMO are basically very compact and simple. However, the result that they produce is not that simple. One of the biggest benefits of using the set of laminating machinery from FRIMO is that you can create big production in a small space. The machineries have minimum space requirement that can be beneficial for many people.


This set of machinery from FRIMO is completed by quite high degree of flexibility in designing geometry and also 3D. Beside of that, the machines can also be used to process a lot of materials. You can basically use any basic manufacturing process materials in the set of machinery. Last but not least, the machines are very economical and also very efficient because the machines are producing less wastage of materials. If you want to learn more, sure you can read the link above and even explore more online.

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